Helping you out of the pit of darkness that is Lyme Disease. 

Guiding you to overcome Lyme, Mold, and Autoimmune issues.

Showing you how to get your energy, brain, and life back.  I did it, and so can you.

Let me show you how.

Do you feel stuck in your health journey?  Not sure which way to turn, or who to work with?  I get it. I have been there!!  Listen to this powerful and inspiring interview I gave.  Evan Hirsh MD interviewed me. I share my story, my pain, my triumph and how I overcame 27 years of undiagnosed Lyme disease, Mold toxicity, and reversed 2 autoimmune diseases.  Listen and see for yourself if what I do would be a fit for you.  

Hello, I am Heather Gray FDN-P AKA Lyme Boss. I offer several ways to work with you to achieve your body’s maximum potential. Through Functional Diagnostic Nutrition, laboratory testing, and expert guidance, we put together the perfect individualized plan involving diet, rest, exercise, stress reduction, and supplements.

Not sure if it is Lyme, but wonder if it is?  I can help shed some light on that.  Lyme, Mold, and Autoimmune issues are my specialty.  Looking for that missing piece to your health puzzle? I can help

I have been featured in certain news outlets such as…

Hear my story and how I overcame Lyme, Mold, and 3 Autoimmune diseases and overcame stored trauma in my nervous system.  In this entertaining, educational podcast I was interviewed on The Tick Boot Camp. There is hope!!! 

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Join me as I present with many other big names in the health space. Don’t miss out on the Microbes and Mental Health Summit. Premiers March 14th.. Get your free ticket below ( This was 2023 and you can still watch the replays) 

I was interviewed for the docuseries Strange Pain. Watch now.

Do you have pain? So many of us do. I was interviewed for an amazing docuseries called Strange Pain. Bringing together the biggest and brightest practitioners who are helping others just like you get out of pain. This is my episode. Watch the whole docuseries here. The free period to watch this is over. And the price is well worth the amazing interviews you will have forever access to. Get out of pain!! It is possible.

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 Power of Bioenergetics with globally recognized Energy Practitioner, Dr. John Amaral! On Day 1, Learn about energetic disruptions and how we can overcome them to feel better

Day 2 listen to Dr. Pyne on how his life was turned around after using the NIKKI with Lyme device.   use code thelymeboss  for 10% off

Read about my story that was published in Lyme

A Denver magazine did a little write-up about me.  Read it below 


“Heather can help you zero in on what is causing inflammation in your body and help you to discover and modify your diet, sleep, emotional and stress patterns that keep you from achieving great health! As she says, “Test, don’t guess”.

Patricia Miller

Heather has been amazing. She helped me figure out what other doctors couldn’t and frankly didn’t want to treat. I had been exposed to mold and was in bad shape. She has been a wealth of knowledge, experience and support when I was pretty down about my current status and the road ahead of me. She has been nothing but encouraging all long the way especially when I wanted to throw in the towel. I am getting my life back literally thanks to Heather.

I would highly highly recommend working with her.”


Greg M

” Love this woman and her work! Her ability to help both mind, body, and emotions for those with Lyme Disease is so impressive!  Reach out to her if you want help

Dr. Diane Mueller 


“You really have been so very helpful Heather, more than any other person/health practitioner I’ve ever worked with. “

Lori F 

“Before I met Heather, I wasn’t sleeping well, I weighed about 260 lbs, I didn’t have a whole lot of energy and some brain fog. Now, I am just under 199 lbs, I sleep 7 to 8 hours a night, I wake up feeling good and have a ton more energy throughout the day! I’m more productive and inspired on a day to day basis, all thanks to Heather!

Jim Gray

” I have been working with Heather and the NES system for a few weeks now and I can’t say enough good things. I am already seeing huge changes in my mental and emotional health, my bowel movements, and my sleep pattern. Recently I was dealing with a very stressful family issue and my daughter looked at me and said “mom how are you not crying right now”. Y’all that was huge, I used to cry so easily and she was absolutely right I normally would have been crying and being extremely stressed and overwhelmed but I was talking about it in a calm manner and it felt great.”.”

Aubrey Arnold


“Heather truly cares. She takes the time to really dig in and get to know her clients. Her goal is to solve your issue, not just throw a bandaid on it, I highly recommend Heather for anyone where the doctor says “tests are normal…” and you respond with , “but I feel like crap!””

Susie Larson