How to not be shamed into toxic positivity when you have Lyme or other chronic illness.

We have all heard the saying “fake it till you make it” right?  What does that mean exactly and how does that help?

Have you been told that if you were more positive you wouldn’t have this disease or condition? Or you would have the partner of your dreams or have more money. 

While I am a fan of positive thinking, it is not the whole picture.  It is just a piece.  One of many that need to be in place before healing can happen. 

It is by no mean the only piece.  

The issue I have is with toxic positivity, just faking it till you make it or denying certain feelings you have about a situation or condition can lead to more health issues in the future.  We were made with feelings for a reason. Not to just stuff them and act like nothing is wrong when there are things wrong.  

FEEL YOUR FEELINGS.  Just don’t live there. 

The problem happens when we can’t or won’t let go of those feelings. 

Have you ever seen a toddler playing with others?  They get their toy taken away, they have an automatic meltdown, then five minutes later they are fine and back to playing with their friends.  They let what there are feeling move through them instead of suppressing them in their body to come out sideways at a later date or creating disease.   

Our feelings are beautiful messages from our bodies.  When we learn how to actually feel them, learn from them, and let them go, beautiful things happen.  

Here are some ideas to help move stuck emotions out of your body.

1. Take the time daily to ask your body what do you need to feel, or what is needing your attention right now.

2. It really is helpful to have a gratitude practice.  Focusing on what we are grateful for really helps to see things as they are, instead of the story we are making up.  I know sometimes I can get stuck in my way of thinking, and it is not until I start doing a gratitude practice that I really see all the beautiful things in my life, that I can’t see because I was too busy focusing on what was wrong in my life.

3. Work with a person who can help you rewire your brain and behaviors.  A lot of these habits are conditioned into us and with some work, they can be retrained.  

4. Do you believe you can get better?  Whether you believe you can or can’t you are right, beliefs have a huge role to play in our healing.  What side do you want to be on?  

5.  Did you know that your DNA and lifestyle can affect how sensitive you are to certain situations?  That’s right. But just because it is in your DNA doesn’t mean you are doomed.  It just means there are certain things you need to put into place, diet, lifestyle, and supplements to help keep your head on straight.  

This type of reprogramming does not happen overnight, but it can happen.  And it starts with you taking the first steps.  It is amazing what can happen when you start to make new habits in your life.  Small steps add up to big changes. 
And you are worth it.  Don’t give up.  There is hope!