Interviews and Media Appearances

Lloyd Burrell, host of Electric Sense, shared some glowing praise following our recent interview on his show. It’s incredibly rewarding to receive recognition for our work and contributions. 

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A Denver magazine did a little write-up about me.  Read it below 

Read my story of overcoming Lyme, Mold, and Autoimmune issues here. 

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Join me as I present with many other big names in the health space. Don’t miss out on the Microbes and Mental Health Summit. Premiers March 14th.. Get your free ticket below

( This was 2023 and you can still watch the replays)

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An illustration showing the life cycle of a tick. The illustration depicts the four stages of a tick's life cycle, including the egg, larvae, nymph, and adult stages. The egg is shown as a small oval shape, while the larvae and nymphs are depicted with six legs and a small, round body. The adult tick has eight legs and a larger, more oval-shaped body. The background of the illustration is white.

Hear my story and how I overcame Lyme, Mold, and 3 Autoimmune diseases and overcame stored trauma in my nervous system.  In this entertaining, educational podcast I was interviewed on The Tick Boot Camp. There is hope!!! 

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I was interviewed for the docuseries Strange Pain. Watch now.

Do you have pain? So many of us do. I was interviewed for an amazing docuseries called Strange Pain. Bringing together the biggest and brightest practitioners who are helping others just like you get out of pain. This is my episode. Watch the whole docuseries here. The free period to watch this is over. And the price is well worth the amazing interviews you will have forever access to. Get out of pain!! It is possible. 

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Read about my story that was published in Lyme

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In today’s transformative episode of Health University, listeners have the unique opportunity to dive deep into the intertwined worlds of chronic illnesses, mental health, and fertility through the inspiring journey of Heather Gray. A functional diagnostic nutritionist and bioenergetic practitioner, Heather opens up about her personal battle with Lyme disease, mold toxicity, autoimmune disorders, and their profound impacts on fertility and overall well-being. Heather’s story is not just inspiring, but it is empowering as well. She helps others on this hard road. 

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 Power of Bioenergetics with globally recognized Energy Practitioner, Dr. John Amaral! On Day 1, Learn about energetic disruptions and how we can overcome them to feel better

Day 2 listen to Dr. Pyne on how his life was turned around after using the NIKKI with Lyme device.  

Watch the Replay here

My article My Journey to Healthy Living was published in this awesome magazine.  Read Here

Check out this article I was interviewed for about Food and how it affects your Mood  In NoCo Style  Read Here

Overcoming Lyme Disease and Autoimmune Conditions

Would you like to know how to overcome health challenges, including Lyme disease and autoimmune conditions? 

Heather’s chronic health challenges journey began at a very young age of 4 years old. She was even suicidal as a teenager and later, as a mom, experienced intense health struggles until she discovered that her long, challenging health journey was caused by Lyme disease and other autoimmune deficiencies.   

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Today I’m thrilled to host Heather Gray, a skilled Functional Diagnostic Nutritionist and Bioenergetic Practitioner, with a strong focus on assisting clients navigating challenging conditions like Lyme Disease, chronic illness, mold toxicity, and a long list of autoimmune diseases.

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I was interviewed by the very prestigious lab company Vibrant Wellness Labs. Listen here as I talk about Lyme testing