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Discover my Foundations of Health course, currently on a limited-time sale! This course empowers you with practical insights into diet, lifestyle, mindset, detox, and more, all based on my real-life experiences overcoming health challenges, including Lyme disease and autoimmune conditions.

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Real Cooking for Real Life Recipe Guide

Join me as I walk you through step by step, what to use and how to source your ingredients.

It all matters. And the more we can get toxins and inflammation of your body – the greater the chance you have to heal and stay healthy.

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Small but Mighty Package (DIY Monthly Subscription)


You will learn about the DRESS for success model for foundational health and wellness 

Get the foundations of health!!  Learn how to cook, how to eat, how to lower your stress, how to get optimal sleep and so much more. Get more energy, less brain fog, and a gut that works.  Have the energy to play with your kids and grandkids, or level up your business. 

  • Access to an educational Facebook group
  • A sample meal plan to get you started
  • Live group call on Zoom for added support once a month
  • You have access to your videos while the subscription is active.  After 3 months of the monthly subscription, you get lifetime access to the educational videos and any new bonus videos I add to the list. 

The Lyme Boss (most popular) 3 month program


Pre-recorded educational, transformational lifestyle modules for you to reference at any time. Cooking videos, a 7 day meal plan and so much more!!

  •  3 months of Bioenergetic scans with supplements that the scan recommends and a tailor-made meditation to help you get into the best, calm, joyful version of yourself. This is a very individualized approach
  • DNA test to see your biological blueprint for how you should be eating, exercising, sleeping, and whether you are prone to depression and anxiety and so much more.  This is really a foundational test.  Everyone should have this information about their body! 
  • Unlimted access to me through your client portal.  Tired of not getting answers from your practitioner, do you feel like you are doing this all by yourself?  Not anymore!!  I respond within 24 hours. This is huge for those of you who need extra support and accountability. 
  • Plus all the goodness from the DIY package. 
  • And as a bonus get a liver detox kit.  Show your liver some love.


You will get all-day energy, decrease pain, sleep through the night, have more control over your moods, and have a gut that is calm and at peace with your body.

Do you have Lyme and don’t know where to turn to get support and answers?  Join my private FaceBook group here.  You are not alone.