How to remain successful with your Lyme/Autoimmune health plan during the holidays.

Living healthy can be tough!!!!  Do you know what’s tougher, being sick!  I opt for health every time.  I do not like the expression “Cheat Day”  Why would you want to cheat on yourself?  

I wouldn’t want my partner cheating on me, why would I cheat on myself?  

We have a funny relationship with food, and we think of these guilty pleasures as some sort of reward when we need to be thinking of them just for what they are…POISON. 

Think of it as empowerment, not restriction. 

I am not saying I am a saint, I have a sweet tooth, and like to indulge from time to time.  I do it with foods that do not cause inflammation and make me sick.  I use foods that I won’t have to pay for with inflammation in my body and brain for the next week.  I plan and trade up.

There are so many Paleo options for foods these days.  Almost everything I love I can trade up and not eat the toxic, inflammatory foods. 

Get creative! And most of all.  Have fun. 

Here are some steps I take to make sure I can enjoy my holiday safely. 

1. Ask your friends and family what the menu is going to be and see if they are willing to help you out with a few items to make them healthy and safe for you.  Most of the time we make it a bigger deal than it needs to be and they are happy to help.  Just ask!! 

2. I will bring a lot of my stuff.  I make my holiday favorites, put them in a thermos, pack up my lunch cooler, and off I go.  That I know I will get all my favorites. 

3. I will host so that way I know I am eating from a Gluten-free kitchen and I know I won’t get cross contamination and I just have my family pitch in financially.  

Yes it takes some planning and time, and YOU ARE WORTH IT.  If you fail to plan you plan to fail.  

Have a healthy day!! 

Thriving Through the Holidays: 5 Life-Changing Tips for Lyme Disease.

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